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Demodeck is an app for musicians to keep their tracks, lyrics, ideas, and art organized and secure with cloud backup. Share your music with friends, collaborate with the band, and never lose a track with Demodeck.

Play your tracks anywhere with:

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Automatic cloud sync

When you upload a file, Demodeck automatically backs it up to the cloud for you. That way, you can login from any device and have access to all your tracks.
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Offline downloads

You can download your music to play offline so you can listen from Demodeck even when you have no connection.
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Stay organized with version control

Version control makes it easy to let everybody listen to the most recent version of your music and to help you listen back on your work.
Lyrics editor and idea recorder

Lyrics, ideas, and art too

Demodeck also has beautiful tools for writing lyrics, recording ideas, and storing album art.
  • Art gallery
  • Minimalistic text editor
  • Waveform viewer
  • Overdub recording capabilities
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Collaborate with the band and share with friends

Unlimited people can edit and share a project on Demodeck, with automatic sync and notifications for every update.

Additional Features


Queue and shuffle

Queue your projects and play them in order or shuffle them to hear something new!
Permissions per user


You can edit the permissions for every user that has been shared on your projects.
Offline editing

Offline editing

Projects can be edited offline without having to download them. All changes will be synced to the cloud once reconnected.


Get notifications whenever there is an update to a project. You can also look at more in-depth project updates in the project's notification tab.
Smart download

Smart Downloads

If you keep a project downloaded, Demodeck will automatically download any new tracks that are added or any new track revisions.
Light mode

Light mode

With light mode and dark mode, you can work in Demodeck with two beautiful themes to choose from.

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